carpentry projects

carpentry projects

It isn’t his first design, however. In an earlier posted video, Houweling successfully joins the impossible dovetail by making perpendicular cuts and softening the parts in water so they can be coerced into place without breaking.

Residents who live along the new line are hoping it will. They’ve held rallies and workshops in recent months urging the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to give the men and women in the neighborhood a shot at what has been a rarity in South Los Angeles — a good-paying union job that can be the entry into a carpentry, landscaping or other construction industry career.

The district worked with architect Bob Barras to design the classroom, which features separate adult and child restrooms, a large storage closet and custom storage cubicles for each student, a large sink plus smaller sinks and drinking fountains sized for preschoolers.

Vast experience together with solid relationships with leading suppliers worldwide has resulted in developers choosing Satariano’s projects department. The continued success enjoyed by the projects department is principally attributable to the quality of the people involved. Subcontracted tile layers are only contracted by Satariano provided they adhere to strict quality standards.

Moreover, people employed directly with the projects department have worked with the company for many years, ensuring continuity, ever increasing expertise and the same high standards from one project to the next. The combination of uncompromising high standards, solid teamwork, vast technical expertise and an overall feel good factor makes Satariano’s project department a leader in its field.

In the following video, piano technician and woodworker Jack Houweling demonstrates a common process in creating the impossible dovetail. By building a jig for the project, Houweling was able to make a series of diagonal cuts, allowing the pieces to slide together at an angle.

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